Monday, March 7, 2011

Split Pea Soup


                      This soup was so kids ate it for breakfast too!

                                                  2 Huge Ham Hocks
                                                  8 cups chicken stock
                                                  1 bag mini carrots
                                                  1 large yellow onion
                                                   tons of whole garlic
                                                    bunch of celery
                                                  2 bags dried split peas
                                                   1 bay leaf

    The secret to this soup, is that it takes forever, kind of. I throw everything in a huge stockpot bring to a boil and keep skimming off the gross stuff at the top.Lower the temp to simmer and cook all day long.You can use a combo of yellow and green peas(very tasty).Later, remove the ham hocks,take a stick blender and blend.I garnish with chopped ham,sour cream and hot sauce.It really is a whole meal.Excellent with crusty buttered sourdough.

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  1. Never made husband love this soup...Going to give it a try...