Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Paleo Turkey Vegetable Balls

I know I have said this multiple times, but I love my job and the awesome family I work for.A staple in the fridge is turkey breast meatballs, which I love to tweak. The meatball of the day I am very, very pleased with.The first few I made, I was putting ground almonds in,(kind of a bread crumb substitute).They do not need almonds, and actually I am really liking them without. I ground every veggie I could find into a sauce, which not only added incredible flavor, but kept the meatballs really moist. I have no idea why, but these taste amazing with mustard on them. Enjoy!

                                               2 lbs ground Turkey Breast

                                               2 pieces italian squash

                                                1 red pepper
                                                 loads of chopped garlic

                                               chipolte peppers in can with juice
                                                1/2 onion

                                               Salt,Pepper and Cumin to taste

Grind all veggies in food processor,mix into turkey breast mixture, add spices. Form into balls and fry in a little olive oil. Place on pan and bake for about 15 minutes at 350.


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