Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Peppered Filet with a Cabernet Wild Mushroom Reduction Paleo Style

I realize I often say this, but this was really delicious.

4 Filets with salt & pepper

Enoki mushrooms
Baby Bella mushrooms
shitake  mushrooms
Truffle oil

Pre heat sautee pan.This is key for carmelizing, which in effect adds all the color and flavor.When pan is smoking hot, add a touch of olive oil, then throw in your cleaned, sorta chopped mushrooms.The mushrooms will sweat a little and then turn a rich brown color.(If you are not cooking Paleo...feel free to throw in a chunk of Pulugra European butter)When the mushrooms turn a nice carmel color, add some chopped garlic, and at least a cup of cabernet.You will then cook on low to reduce to a nice thick consistency.Salt and pepper to taste.Add a dash of truffle oil before serving over filet.


I like to rub both sides of the filet with whole garlic cloves,salt and fresh ground pepper.The key is to get them room temperature before you throw them on the grill.

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