Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Paleo Chicken Dijonnaise

 I can almost see my French Chef instructors cringe at me telling them I no longer make sauces with cream OR butter.The majority all of my classical French culinary training consisted of mastering(haven't yet)the fine art of making the 5 mother sauces.If you use any of these methods or sauces as a base, there are endless concoctions you can make.Having said that, I am now the crazy scientist trying to come up with dairy free sauces.I bought some amazing meyer lemons today which really rocked this chicken. Here goes....I ended up really liking this.

                                                         Chicken Marinade

                                                         3 Meyer Lemons (juiced)
                                                          Lots of minced garlic
                                                          2 Tbl. dijon mustard
                                                          2 Tbl Fresh Tarragon
                                                          Salt & Pepper

Marinade chicken for several hours,overnight would be best.Grill Chicken.

                                                         3 Tbl reduced coconut milk
                                                         1 shallot
                                                          1/4 cup white wine vinegar
                                                          1 Meyer lemon juiced
                                                           1/4 cup dry white wine
                                                           3 Tbl dijon mustard
                                                           2 Tbl Fresh Tarragon
                                                           1 bag crimini mushrooms
                                                           1 can artichokes(trader joe's stemmed)
                                                            Salt & Pepper

Carmelize mushrooms,add shallots and garlic and cook until translucent.Add wine,vinegar and lemon juice and reduce 50%.Add tarragon,dijon artichokes and coconut.Pour over chicken.

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