Sunday, February 20, 2011

Paleo Baby Back Ribs


Today's fun included me breaking out my beloved Hasty Bake.Back home (Chicago), one of my dear friends Dr. David Chube (one of my all-time favorite people)...used to make THE best ribs...period. He had in his yard this odd contraption(Hasty Bake)that he smoked,baked and grilled on.I loved his ribs...and being a fan of all things pork decided to buy myself one of these bad boys, and indeed they make the best ribs. The secret is a long slow smoke on indirect heat for about 2 hours, followed by a steam on the bake setting, followed by the grill. May seem long and arduous, but dahummmm they are killer.  Unfortunately, I made these Paleo Style, which means I made my own sauce, which I do anyway, but it lacked the brown sugar which I love.

                                         1 rack baby back ribs
                                         3 tbl apple cider vinegar
                                         2 cans organic tomato paste
                                          loads of garlic
                                          chili pepper
                                          salt and pepper
                                          dash of tabasco
                                          Emerils Rib Rub

Remove back skin from ribs, and generously rub ribs with Emeril's Rub. Refrigerate overnight.

Soak chips in water for at least 15-30 minutes. Light charcoal, and place soaked chips on charcoal. Smoke for at least 2 hours, keeping the temp at 200. Take ribs off add sauce and wrap in aluminum foil.Bake for another hour at 200.Return to grill and grill for another hour. Enjoy! These fall off the bone and are really,really good.If you want to add a sweet and spice to the sauce, add some brown sugar and jalepenos.

I miss you Dave!


  1. UGHHH, I made ribs tonight and WISH I would have had this recipe instead.....don't get me wrong, I love our ribs but I LOVE to try all things "Sunny Gourmet". I might have to get Levi a Hasty Bake! ;)

  2. Ok, Colleen...just figured out that was you. Hasty Bake is amazing.I smoked chiken breasts too.