Sunday, January 23, 2011

Winner,Winner Chicken Dinner........

For Sarah, with much Love

Sunday morn...8 to Bristol Farms to get my ingredients for today's Paleo Chicken Chopped Salad. Pull the beemer right next to the sickest Ferrari convertible, (damn, next time I'll take a pic)...and am ready for my leisurely stroll through my favorite store. Peet's coffee in hand, on the look out for the potential Ferrari owner (one of my favorite personal games at Valet's..."Who's car is this?"). 

I am smelling, feeling, touching, tasting everything in that store. I am in there so often that they pull out things for me to look at and taste (took a pass on the herring), love that place. I am in the checkout and this little orange man (George Hamilton tan) with a baaad combover, wearing a Bob Hope Celebrity invitational jacket starts chatting with me...(aha...Mr. Ferrari owner found me). I should have asked him his name, but I didn't want to insult him, as obviously this was someone I should recognize (which naturally I didn't). We had a brief chat about my chicken salad and walked to our cars (yep)... salad...

Chopped Chicken Salad:

chicken breasts

super chopped romaine
red, yellow and orange pepper 
hearts of palm
artichoke hearts
green and yellow squash
yellow and red tomatoes
grilled chili lime corn

-all chopped in confetti like squares

I always season everything and taste as I go. The chicken breasts were marinated in balsamic vinegar (and a boatload of garlic) and grilled. I typically serve with a balsamic emulsion. First press garlic oil, an excellent balsamic vinegar, garlic and salt and pepper.

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  1. Its whats for dinner in the Davis house tonight!!!! Thanks Kim!!!!

  2. This looks like something I would love to eat...I'm going to give this a shot.
    Thanks Kim,,I was running out of things to make.